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  • Hydrating SkinCare

    Every month
    ROSE SkinCare Set - 3 Piece Shipment Every 2 Months
     60 day free trial
    • Hydrating Gel Cleanser w/ Rose Water
    • Hydrating Toner w/ Rose Water & Aloe
    • Hydrating Moisturizer w/ Rose & Hyaluronic Acid
  • Balancing SkinCare

    Every month
    GREEN TEA SkinCare Set - 3 Piece Every 2 Months
     60 day free trial
    • Balancing Gel Cleanser w/ Green Tea
    • Balancing Toner w/ Green Tea & Willow Bark
    • Balancing Moisturizer w/ Green Tea & Squalane
  • Calming SkinCare

    Every month
    LAVENDER SkinCare Set - 3 Piece Set Every 2 Months
     60 day free trial
    • Calming Gel Cleanser w/ Lavender
    • Calming Toner w/ Lavender & Chamomile
    • Calming Moisturizer w/ Lavender & Vit E

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Please note: Since each shipment has two billing cycles, you will only be able to cancel your subscription before the 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th or 10th payment.